Become a Registered Pet Partners Team
To make sure that volunteering as a therapy team is a good fit for you and your animal, please
thoroughly review the Program Requirements and the Policies and Procedures as explained on the national Pet Partners website.

New Puppy? Click HERE to get tips to prepare your puppy to be a Therapy Dog.

To be part of a therapy team, your pet does not need any formal, documented training. Your pet DOES need to be able to follow basic commands, genuinely enjoy interacting with people, and have a calm, confident disposition.
We can gladly meet with you and your pet at one of our Petco events listed on our home page.

To Become a registered Pet Partner Team, you need to complete the following 5 steps.

Step 1 - Create an Volunteer Account with Pet Partners National
The Pet Partners Volunteer Center is the hub for the Therapy Animal Program. By creating an account you will have access to the online registration process, as well as the Resource Library where you will find supporting materials as you prepare for your team evaluation. After you have created an account, start your online registration application by clicking on My Registrations, then ‘Start a Team Registration.’ Your online registration application will guide you through each step of the process.

Visit the Volunteer Center to create your account





Step 2 - Complete the Pet Partners Handler Training Course
Pet Partners train for the “human end of the leash”– you. The Handler Course is not an animal training course. Instead, you will learn your responsibilities and expectations for successfully volunteering as a Pet Partners handler in any facility you wish to visit.
The course can be taken either in-person workshop or an online course.
You must complete and pass either the online or in-person Handler Course before attending your team evaluation.
Click HERE for more information and how to register for the Handler Course.

Step 3 - Complete a Animal Health Screening

All animals involved in the AAI programs must be healthy.  All vaccinations should be up to date as required by your Veterinarian, and results of a fecal exam must be included in the health screening.  Your Veterinarian must complete the Health Screening form, which is a part of the online registration process.





Step 4 - Team Evaluation

All handler-animal teams must pass the team evaluation conducted with a Pet Partner licensed evaluator. Pet Partners has established a set of objective criteria for assessing whether you and your pet are prepared to effectively serve as a Pet Partners team. The evaluation also provides valuable input for determining which visit environment (e.g., predictable or complex) in which a team is likely to visit successfully.
Click HERE for the Evaluation Schedule, Costs and how to prepare for an evaluation.

Step 5 - Complete the online Team Registration application

Once you and your pet have a successful team evaluation, you will need to complete your Team Registration online though Pet Partners.  Your completed registration along with your registration fee to national must be completed with in 90 days of passing a team evaluation.  Click HERE for current registration fees. As a Pet Partners of Central New York member, you would pay the discounted Community Partner Member fee. The registration fee covers the cost of your ID badge and a collar tag for your animal.  Your permanent badge and tag for your animal will arrive several weeks after receiving your acceptance letter from Pet Partners.  Once you have received your acceptance letter, you are officially a Pet Partners team and are permitted to conduct visits as such.  In order to remain active as a registered team with all the benefits (e.g., insurance coverage) you must be re-evaluated every two years in order to maintain your registration and continue visiting with your pet.  



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Need help with any of these steps?

CONTACT US and we would be glad to walk you through any and all the steps and answer any questions you have. Thank you!