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The Team Evaluation

A Pet Partner Evaluation is when you and your pet demonstrate that, together, you are able to conduct safe and effective visits. The team evaluation is a simulated therapy animal visit conducted by a Pet Partners licensed team evaluator.

Remember, you must complete and pass your Handler Course before the date of your team evaluation. At this time, Pet Partners of CNY is not charging a fee for a Team Evaluation.


Preparing For The Team Evaluation

Please view the ‘Are you Ready to Evaluate’  webinar which helps prepare handlers for their team evaluation. It focuses on skills to build, common questions, what to expect the day before and the day of the evaluation.

Click HERE for an evaluation overview for a dog, and HERE for a small dog overview. For an overview for all other species, please use the 'Contact Us' page and request a species-specific overview.

The Evaluation

The following items are required for new and renewal evaluations. If you are missing materials, your evaluator may not be able to evaluate you that day.

  • Your completed Handler’s Questionnaire form for team evaluator review.

  • Proof of current rabies vaccination, such as a certificate or vaccination records from the veterinarian.

  • An acceptable collar or harness and an acceptable leash. See the Acceptable Equipment List. 

  • New teams: Handler Course Completion certificate for either the in-person Handler Workshop or the Online Handler Course.

  • Renewing teams: a previous Pet Partners badge or acceptance letter.

  • A towel, small blanket, or basket if the animal will be carried.

  • A soft brush (no metal teeth) or comb that the animal is accustomed to, and that would be appropriate to take on a visit. 

  • Treats to use for one specific evaluation exercise. (Note - Food rewards may not otherwise be given during the evaluation.)

  • If you’re between the ages of 10 and 16: A parent or guardian to accompany you at the evaluation.

  • If you are requesting modifications to evaluation exercises or permission to use equipment not listed as acceptable: a letter of accommodation provided to you by Pet Partners. You must request the accommodation at least six weeks prior to your evaluation date.

IMPORTANT...  As the evaluation simulates a visit, please come dressed   appropriately (no sandals, no dangly jewelry, etc) and have your pet well groomed. Remember also that you must follow all of the remaining policies and procedures.

Upcoming Dates for Team Evaluations

May 7, 2023  in the Syracuse area

​For more information, please Contact Us.

To Register for a Team Evaluation

  1. On the national website ( click on the 

       Volunteer Center and login.

  1. Go to My Registration on the right under Volunteer Center Menu and resume your Team Registration.

  2. At the Evaluation step, click Register for a Course to go to the Training Center.

  3. Click on SIGN UP in the menu bar. Choose Calendar under Browse Events on left.

  4. Go to the desired date and be sure to select the Team Evaluation for Syracuse.

  5. Register and check out. 

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