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Pet Partners therapy team pony

This just in...

PPCNY team on Bridge Street

We were proud to be represented by Sue Gilberti in a recent interview on the local broadcast of Bridge Street. She and Maggie spoke about Pet partners and our support of a program at the Manlius Public Library. Click on the image to enjoy the interview!

Pet Partner team reregistering

Pet Partner Team Eva Shanley and Casey were highlighted in the Pet Partner's National newsletter. She reflected on how she and Casey missed their visits during the height of COVID but also how they could still have an imapct on their community. Click on the image to read the article.

Pet Partner ar St. Joseph's Syracuse

The power of pet therapy can be seen inside the walls of St. Joseph’s Hospital as we help heal the hearts of healthcare workers. Our partnership with St. Joe's began in 2013 and continues today. Click on the imgae to read the article and see the video.

Pet Partner team at Barnes Center Syracuse

We have special relationships with several divisions of SU and appreciate them all. The Barnes Center at the Arch is the hub for student wellness. We are proud to work with them to provide quality integrated wellness services and programs. Please take a few minutes to enjoy this video.

PPCNY team Brent and Ella at Mountainside

Pet Partners CNY team Brent and Ella were featured in A Time and a Place Magazine.  A Pet Partners team since 2017, they were able to log their 300th visit to Mountainside Residential Care Center by developing interactive virtual visits with the residents during the pandemic.


You Are Your Animal's Best Advocate

Cat and dog silhouette inside heart

DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) in dogs and cats is a serious issue. As more research is done, we are better able to protect our pets from this form of heart disease.

For more information see: this FDA article or this NBC report  

To see an analysis of your dog's food:

The Dog Food Advisor

Animal Clinic Logo

A highly contagious upper respiratory infection in dogs has been occurring in many parts of the country, with symptoms similar to canine influenza and kennel cough. The cause of the illness has not yet been determined.

Current information on this deadly infection can be found on Cornell's site. Canine Respiratory Disease Outbreaks

Save the Date...

                              Handler Classes 

                       TBD      2024     Syracuse

Registration REQUIRED!

Team Evaluations

                        June 9, 2024       Syracuse

                       June 22, 2024      Syracuse

              September 15, 2024     Syracuse

              October, November, December  TBD

Registration REQUIRED!


   (You MUST complete the Handler's Course

    BEFORE participating in the Evaluation) 

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