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Becoming a Registered
    Pet Partners Team

  • Want to bring joy and improve lives in your community, all while spending time with your pet?

  • Is volunteering as a pet therapy team a good fit for you and your animal?

  • Are you and your pet ready to form a therapy/intervention team?

PPCNY team member Pyr

Things to Consider...

✓ Does my animal welcome, not just tolerate, interactions with new people?
✓ Is my animal confident in new environments and around unusual equipment and noises?
✓ Is my animal is well-behaved when meeting strangers of different ages, races and genders?
✓ Is my animal able to be petted and hugged without getting anxious or over-excited?
✓ Do I like meeting and talking to new people in unfamiliar settings?
✓ Do I feel confident in my ability to control my pet?
✓ Am I able to read my pet’s body language and commit to being my pet’s advocate?

✓ Have I read and understood Pet Partners program policies and procedures?

PPCNY team

If you answered YES to the above...
then we’re here to get you started
and support you along the way!

Steps to Becoming
an Animal Therapy Team

     Step 1  Create a Volunteer Account with Pet Partners National                           & Start a Team Registration
     Step 2  Complete the Pet Partners Handler Training Course
     Step 3  Complete an Animal Health Screening
     Step 4  Pass the Team Evaluation
     Step 5  Complete the online Team Registration application

Once you have successfully completed the Handler Class, either online or in person, you are encouraged to volunteer to assist in an evaluation. It will be helpful in preparing you for your own team assessment. Please use the 'Contact Us' page and request to volunteer.

Interested in taking your therapy animal to work?


Yes. AAAIP (Association of Animal Assisted Intervention Professionals) was recently created for health care providers, educators, and others to gain the knowledge needed to safely and ethically practice animal-assisted interventions For more information, click > 🐾

Read with Me

All Pet Partners teams have always been able to participate in a reading setting, as long as they are in an environment suitable for their qualification rating. You can opt in to this special initiative during the registration process, whether new or renewing. For more information, click > 🐾

Pet Partners logo

You already know that walking is good for you. Walk With Me is a visit type you can incorporate in a wide variety of settings with many different client types. It is available to all current Pet Partners teams. For more information, click > 🐾

Read with Me

While dogs are the most commmon, Pet Partners carefully evaluates nine different animal species through our Therapy Animal Program, expanding your possible pool of therapy teams to include cats, horses, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, rats, and even mini pigs and llamas! For more information, click > 🐾

Some of the Facilities We Currently Visit...

  • St Joseph's Hospital

  • Upstate Medical University

  • Crouse Hospital

  • Syracuse University

  • LeMoyne College

  • SUNY Oswego


  • Mexico Middle School

  • Baldwinsville Library

  • Mountainside Residential Care Center

                                    ...And many more

Walk with Me pony
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